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Original Post - May 22nd 2018

This week I visited Tiffany Hillman, founder and owner of the antique and artisan market, the Duck & Dodo. Growing up in an old farm house, Tiffany has always been surrounded antiques. Pair that with a desire to bring a new life to old items and a background in interior and kitchen design and you get the Duck & Dodo.

The Duck & Dodo is not just an Antique Market, nor is it  just an artisan shop. It is a hybrid of the two worlds.  This is how  Tiffany came up with the name The Duck&Dodo . The Duck represents the Artisans – The new generation of creators building items out of the old . And the Dodo is the Antiques – Vintage items that are gone and extinct, such is the Dodo.

The Duck & Dodo is a marketplace with a mix of antiques and artisans. These are primarily local, independent businesses that use this as their bricks and mortar, but they’re also a supplier of things like barn board and paint. One interesting thing that they offer are different classes. For example, they offer paint classes where they walk you through the entire process from picking the item, to painting it, to the final project, all in-store for a hands-on learning experience! You can book a class to paint your own piece with fusion mineral paint here!

What makes the Duck & Dodo different from other marketplaces is that they have an open concept so that all of their vendors products can be shown to their full potential. It is a space where artisans can really spread out their products allowing space for both large and small items!


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