• BUCK NAKED - Naked. Nothing more added. Maybe you want your cologne to shine today. Get all the hydration and softness without any added scent. Not your average beard oil.
  • NATURAL BEARD OIL (1oz) - Six natural oils, carefully selected for their hydrating and moisturizing properties are paired with our signature fragrances blend to create a beard oil that both strengthens and conditions the hair but more importantly, also hydrates the skin beneath it to make beard itch and flakes a thing of the past. Bask in the confidence of knowing that your beard is not only healthy, but looks, feels and smells it's best.
  • WHAT’S INSIDE – We include Grapeseed Oil to reduce dry skin while strengthening hair, Sweet Almond Oil to reduce dandruff and itching, Jojoba Oil to lock in moisture into hair follicles, Hemp Seed Oil to seal moisture in, Rice Bran Oil for UV protection, shine and thickens hair and Vitamin E for antioxidant properties and shine we then enhance with paraben and phthalate free fragrance.
  • HOMEMADE & HANDCRAFTED – We manufacture our products by hand with the greatest of care to withstand harsh Canadian winters to blistering hot and humid summers, including UV protection to protect your beard.
  • PAIR with Our BEARD BALM for best hold and a fuller, healthy looking beard

Buck Naked



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