Custom Box will Include 60.00 of Product ! for 45.00 


Child with  Activity 

- Bath Bombs, easter themed and additional bath products, Eco Friendly Kid Prodcuts, Treats, Colouring Book / Activity Will come in a Basket


Child with Jewelry 

- Bath Bombs, themed and additional Bath products,  Metel free earrings, Necklace and treats . Will come in a basket/ box 


Adult Jewelry / Bath 

- Bath Bombs, whipped soap, Jewelry either earrings & necklace - Send a message if you would like to add some directions, and some treats .  Will come in a box 


Men Box 

- Bath Bombs ( mens scents ) or Shower Steamers ( make sure you send a message to specify) Either a shaving block with bowl or Beard Oil and matching bomb  and of course a treat! 


Babies First Easter / infant - Message to indicate boy/girl/neutral  - will include teethers, bibs, Baby Octopi 


Feel free to send me an questions baskets Will be delivered by April 9th(  next thursday ) 



Custom Easter Basket $45



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