Welcome to the Duck&Dodo

 This is not just an Antique Market, and this isnt just an artisan shop. It is a hybrid of the two worlds.  This is how I came up with the name Duck&Dodo . The Duck represents the Artisans - The new generation of creators building items out of the old . The Dodo is the Antiques - Vintage items that are gone and extinct, such is the Dodo. One before the other, though both connect.  This is the The Duck & The Dodo.   It first came to me while I was reading Alices Adventures in Wonderland. As Alice was at the edge of the pool of tears the quote is:

 “ there was a Duck and a Dodo, a Lory and an Eaglet, and several other curious creatures. Alice led the way, and the whole party swam to the shore. ”

We are in the world of Antiques, and Artisans a group of very curious creatures, all very different though working together for the same goal. 

What makes our Market Different from the Rest ? 

Unlike a traditional antique Flea Markets, which is constructed of rented space for different vendors to sell their items divided by walls, making dark and sometimes slightly challenging to make your way through booths. This market will have an open concept allowing all items to show at their full potential. This will test the vendors to be able to display their items in a way that makes the shopping experience easy for customers, but at the same time still renting individual space out  Duck&Dodo encourages vendors to bring business cards, and display the name of their company. I believe this will give more pride to my vendors for how their space is displayed.   

I also believe that having artisans is very important. A lot of great creators will take old materials and give it a new life. Making product that is a mix of both new, and old. I believe that in the London market their was not a store large enough to allow artisans to really spread out.  This market will let artisans bring large and small items. 

I Hope you enjoy your time at our market, and see what we are creating . 


I would like to start by saying thank you to all of my friends and family . My mom has always taught me that taking a risk is never a bad thing. That you will never know what you can become, if you do not try. She will support all my decisions I make and I love her for that.  I have three very important people watching over me, reminding me to stick to my intuitions and listen to my gut. They guide me, and have taught me to live my life to the fullest. 

Growing up in the country, I was surrounded by the old . I learnt to appreciate the past, and see the beauty in it.  Creativity was my outlet, being an only child in the country I had alot of time with my thoughts. I also come from a generation of no cell phones ! So guess what I got bored, and in boredom grows ideas. I enjoy creating things out of the old.