Consignment Information 

Welcome to The Duck&Dodo Antique and Artisan Market. We are a hybrid shopping experience
combining new items, and vintage décor. Our space is not only a shopping store, but also offers DIY
workshops, and creative space for the community. Our new items include locally made items, and one
of a kind eco friendly products including Canadian made paint products. Our vintage décor consists of
what we call “practical vintage”. We strive on educating people on reusing items instead of filling

Terms and Conditions

- Merchandising, and the overall design of the D&D will be approved by staff, and management.
All decisions, recommendations, and the moving of product is at the discretion of D&D
management. Any choices made will be final, and will not be debated, or changed
- Product will be rotated, or stored after a 4 month period within the store. Fresh stock is key to
keep customers coming in. Any item that stays longer than 4 months will require a discount
- Any items left in the store after 6 months of no contact by the vendor, will become the property
of D&D.
- Revisions of this contract will be posted in the D&D vendor group, and onsite on vendor
communication board. It is the responsibility of the vendor to ensure they are up to date with
the contract.
- Any stolen, or damaged items are to be covered by the individual vendors insurance. Exceptions
can be granted depending on the circumstances.
- All HST sales taxes is the responsibility of the D&D to collect, and claim.


Our Current Consignment terms are 35/65% commission split. No rent 

Contact us at to discuss further